The goal of Pilates is to support and refine the structure of the body through strengthening and conditioning. Classes can be mat-based or involve the use of special apparatus, designed to increase intensity for those who desire it and support those with physical impairments. 

The whole of the body is utilised in class, but special attention is given to the core, cultivating a stable support system for the back and skeletal system. As a result, practitioners feel empowered and strong. Pilates is especially beneficial to those recovering from sports injuries, and sufferers of back pain.

Pilates is accessible to all ages and abilities and can be made as gentle or challenging as required, depending on your personal needs and capabilities. The exercises, which are generally performed as a flow of movements, are low-impact, strengthening and toning muscles without adding bulk.


• Corrects posture

• Helps to relieve back pain

• Improves muscle tone

• Promotes balance and mobility

• Strengthens mind-body connection

Conditions Often Treated:

• Back pain

• Neck and shoulder dysfunction

• Osteoporosis

• Sports injuries

• Anxiety and depression

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Beginners Mat pilates will teach you the fundamental basics you need to engage in a pilates session. You will learn correct breathing techniques, posture, balance and basic pilates poses. 

These classes are ideal for those who are new to pilates, the elderly and re-introducing students who are recovering from injuries. 

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Designed to challenge your whole body, Energising Mat pilates is a more vigorous and intense style of pilates for more advanced students. 

Energising Mat pilates will help you with losing weight, improving your posture and helping to build lean, toned muscles. 

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Classic Reformer pilates combines repetition of the pilates movements with the reformer pilates beds for the ultimate workout. 

Reformer pilates is a great way to strengthen your core muscles and improve your flexibility to give you a toned, lean physique. 

Please note: We do not provide reformer pilates machines so unless you have access or manage to obtain one, please refrain from booking a reformer pilates session. 

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Dynamic Reformer pilates requires more strength and flexibility and therefore is more suited to an advanced student. It is fast paced and complicated, therefore more challenging and demanding on your body. 

Please note: We do not provide reformer pilates machines so unless you have access or manage to obtain one, please refrain from booking a reformer pilates session. 

Less intense than regular pilates classes with a focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness. Pregnancy pilates is designed to help support the changes to the pregnant body in preparation for the birthing process.  

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Highly recommended for those who would like to develop their core and tone their muscles. It is one of the most effective yet low-impact physical exercises to gain flexibility and sculpt your body whilst also helping to maintain a healthy weight.
Some of the benefits of Pilates include the improvement of posture, relief from stress, and improved joint mobility and muscular elasticity.


• Corrects spinal and pelvic alignment

• Develops strong core (flat abdominals and strong back)

• Improves balance

• Improves sports performance and stamina

• Helps weight loss

• Prevents injuries

• Eases back pain

• Improves breathing and concentration